A real community bank makes loan decisions locally. When you apply with The Bank of San Jacinto County, we don’t send your application off to another branch or back office for approval. You will work directly with one of our highly qualified loan officers to obtain the financing you need. Here’s some of the loans we offer:


Construction Loans

If you can build it, we can probably finance it. The loan officers at The Bank of San Jacinto County are highly experienced in construction loans. Many local builders bring their customers to us for financing because of our reputation for walking customers through the process, as opposed to making them jump through hoops. We have a strong local network of appraisers, surveyors, and contractors that keep us ahead of the game. We do not hire third party inspectors, our experienced staff will perform personalized site inspections to greater build relationships with both the contractor and customer. If you want to build a home, we’d love the opportunity to be your bank. Start the application process today!

Home Mortgages

Over the years, we’ve assisted numerous people get into a home when the big banks wouldn’t give them the time of day. We have a variety of flexible terms and products to meet your financial needs. Whether it be to purchase your dream home, finance a vacant lot, purchase that tract of land in the country, do some home improvements, or access the equity in your existing home, we are here for you. Apply today with The Bank of San Jacinto County.

Consumer Loans

The Bank of San Jacinto County offers genuine flexibility in consumer lending rarely seen in today’s banks. If you are in the market for an automobile, RV, travel trailer, boat, ATV, Jet Ski, or many more consumer vehicles The Bank of San Jacinto County is here for you. Let us know what you are looking to purchase, and our loan staff can get you started on the financing. If you have a blue title and need cash, we can get you money by using your vehicle as collateral. Apply online today!

Commercial Loans

We feel that small business owners and commercial lending make up the backbone of our community and country. The Bank of San Jacinto County is here for small businesses and has a long history of commercial lending. If you are thinking about upgrading your commercial equipment or constructing a new office building, come see one of our specialized lenders for the personalized service that you and your business deserve. Upgrade your business today!

Let's Get Started on Your Loan!

Be sure to fill out as much of the loan application as possible. If applying for joint credit, you will be asked for personal information of that individual. The application is a fillable form that cannot be saved. You can either print it and fill it out by hand, or use your computer to type in the various fields and then print the completed application. Once complete, you can drop it by The Bank of San Jacinto County, or mail it to us at PO BOX 100, Coldspring, TX, 77331.

If you have any questions, call us at (936) 653-4395, or contact us here.

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