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Overdraft fees can take a huge toll on your budget. Here is some information and services that can help you avoid having to pay overdraft fees:

First, monitor and keep track of your account. Don’t just check your balance and assume money is available. Remember, when you make a debit card purchase, the store may not send the transaction through immediately. So it’s probable that at any given moment, you have purchases we have not received yet, and your account doesn’t reflect the charges. Also you may have pre-arranged payments that are drafted from your account on different days of the month. The only way to really know your current balance is to track it yourself. Some customers use a checkbook register, and some use an app where you can manually enter in transactions. But the bottom line here is that you need a way to monitor your own transactions because your payees don’t send us your purchases immediately.

Second, take advantage of our technology. Download our mobile app. With a fingerprint, you can access all of your account information. Set up notifications so that you will be notified everytime a purchase or deposit posts to your account. Set up a daily balance alert or a low balance alert and we’ll text you every time your balance reaches a certain level. We’ve invested in this technology because we want you to be successful in managing your personal finances, and we encourage you to take advantage of it. We’re here to help! Call us at 936-653-4395, or email us at contactus@banksjc.com.

Third, set up a second account to backup your checking account. The Bank of San Jacinto County offers a program called CASH-LINK, where you can link a checking or savings account to your primary account in order to prevent your account from becoming overdrawn. There is a $5 fee per transfer, but that could save you several overdraft fees. Call one of our representatives today to get set up! 

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